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     As the Under-Shepherd of this Church, I give God glory for allowing you to visit us.

     On this Christian journey, it is imperative that we do not forsake the assembling of the saints according to God's word in Hebrews 10:25.  There is spiritual strength and value in assembling with the saints. God in His infinite wisdom, commanded that we meet together to edify one another!!!!! To empower one another for Christian service!!!

The basic meaning of the word Church, "ekklesia"is"Called out people."........Disciples who have mutual responsibilities to one another.

     We thank God for directing your interest towards our Ekklesia today!!  As you continue to seek guidance from "The Master Shepherd", may you allow Him to direct you to be the humble servant; He has called you to be.   We invite you to come back and learn more about all of the ministries that God has planted here!!!!    

    I pray that you will continue to love and worship the Lord thy God with all of your heart, mind, body and soul, and that you will allow God to empower you to love your neighbor as yourself. 





Yours in Christian Service,

Pastor Melissa W. Green

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