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Church History

      The word church comes from the Greek word meaning "the Lord's House". The founders of this church displayed great FAITH in the promise that nothing would prevail against His church.
      St. John AME Church was founded in 1875 by our fore parents. Our founders were Brothers: Lon Seabrooks, Kim Felder, Andrew Gooden, and Jud Razor. In their guest for spiritual guidance, their faith gave them home and assurance, which helped to offset the uncertainties and insecurities found in the world around them. 
      The first pastor to serve in St. John was the Reverend Tom Summers. After Reverend Summers, St. John has had the following faithful serve: Reverend Haynes, Reverend Bonaparte, Reverend Delaine, Reverend Ford, Reverend Huggins, Reverend Harmon, Reverend Gamble, Reverend Fogle, Reverend McQueen, Reverend Bookard, Reverend Smith, Reverend Simmons, Reverend Wilson, and Reverend Chapelle Davis. The present church was built in 1969 and furnished under the administration of Reverend D.E. Charles. Our education building was built and furnished under the administration of Reverend Isaiah Pringle. During the tenure of Reverend J.P. Cummings Jr., half of the mortgage for the education building was paid and Family and Friends Week was formed. Under the leadership of Reverend John A. Frederick, St. John was renovated, multiple choirs and Friday Night Prayer Service was organized. During Reverend William Washington’s short tenure, Evangelism Team/ Prayer Warrior Group were formed. God continued to bless St. John over the years with other dedicated pastors. 

       The current pastor, Reverend Melissa W. Green came to St. John in December 2004. Under her leadership, many ministries and initiatives came into fruition.  The 1-365 campaign was formulated, 6 acres of land were purchased, and St. John is moving forward to the “Greater St. John” with edification of a new church. Under her current administration, the Nette Felder Parker (NFP) Voices of High Praise and Melissa Washington Green (MWG) Anointed Praise Choirs were formed. The following ministries were also established: Men’s Fellowship; Women’s Fellowship; Singles and Married Couple Ministries; Toddler Ministry; Golden Ministry (seniors 65 and older); Puppet Ministry; Senior/ Adult Women Praise Dance Team (Virtuous Sarahs); Toddlers Praise Dance; Implementation of the church Task Force Team and the YWI (Young Women’s Initiative). St. John is continually growing spiritually and physically. Greater things are in store for the GREATER ST. JOHN AME. 

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